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Johnsons Aggregates and Recycling Ltd is the largest supplier of IBA Materials in the East Midlands, supplying c.10,000Ton per week of material to the Midlands. Johnsons own 25 trucks to deliver our own recycled products as well as sourcing quarried virgin material through third party suppliers and hauliers. Johnsons has over 10 years’ experience processing IBA to produce different IBAA products. We pride ourselves on this knowledge and being able to supply multiple trades with our aggregates and expertise.

Aggregates & Other Services

IBAA Materials we can supply: (See downloads page for full specifications)

  • Type 1 IBAA
  • 6F5 IBAA
  • Fill Sand IBAA
  • 0/4mm Grit/Sharp Sand IBAA
  • 4/10mm pipe bedding IBAA
  • 10/20mm pipe bedding IBAA
  • Class 1a Fill IBAA

Other services we can offer

  • Quarried Aggregates deliveries: Granite, Limestone, Sands and Gravels
  • Muck Away: Inert, Non Haz, Hazardous away & Green waste
  • Cart Away Hardcore Demolition Waste / Brick Rubble
  • Haulage Only
  • Topsoil deliveries: Certified & Screened topsoil


Structure Prep

The infographic shows an example of the several different layers in a typical road construction. Johnsons can help by providing aggregates which can create layers such as capping layer, sub base, and M.O.T type 1 roadstone.

Aggregate Sales

Meet The Team

Jill Sibson
Sales Manager

Sarah Bryan
Internal Sales

Marcus Johnson
Field Sales

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