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IBA stands for Incinerator Bottom Ash. It consists mainly from brick, ceramic, concrete, fused clinker, glass and stone. The material is very tightly controlled to make consistent gradings for the intended use, because of this, IBA Aggregates complies with EN and British Standards that most primary and secondary materials achieve thus you do not need a separate permit for the use of IBA as it is not considered a waste material when used in the Construction industry.

IBAA is a cost-effective alternative that also has sustainable properties. It also improves overall strength due to its pozzolanic properties (cementitious properties). The material is also predictable with a typical bulk density of 1.5 per meter cubed.

The application for IBAA varies from sub-base / Capping materials. These materials have been used in airports, supermarkets, roads and bridge construction. We regularly supply housing developments, new roads, airports, bulk fill jobs and more recently in concrete and tile manufacturing. View Case Studies

The Environmental agency encourages the use of IBAA as it contributes towards BREAM points used in new projects. 
For more information, please visit the EA Website.

IBAA reduces environmental impact, by saving virgin land for future generations, saves the taxpayers money by reducing landfill taxes and costs. The long-lasting effects also have no added environmental impact when compared to that of crushed concrete Limestone or Granite.

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