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Our Approach

100% recycling with zero to landfill. Our approach is clear: we treat waste as a resource. This maximises every waste stream we receive and guarantees the minimum impact on the environment

"Recycling the past....for a better future"

Waste to resource route

IBAA… what is it and why bother?

IBAA is “Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate”.

Put simply, it’s more cost effective and environmentally friendly than quarried (primary) aggregate. IBAA is a heterogeneous material which contains concrete, ceramics, glass, brick, clinker metals and fused material.

With our 100% recycling and zero to landfill policy we are massively reducing waste across the UK. By using Johnsons’ IBAA you are buying into something that is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your company, as well as preserving the UK’s quarries. There is no £2/tonne tax to pay, making it both a sustainable and cost effective choice.

How do we do it?


Our clients take waste to Energy from Waste facilities across the country where typically it is burned at over 850°C. The heat generated is used to heat water and produce steam which is used to generate electricity. Excess heat is often used by local businesses and residential properties. The ash from this burning process is called Incinerator Bottom Ash “IBA”. IBA used to go straight to landfill but now is transported to our sites, where it is weighed, separately stored and then left to mature.


Once the IBA on our site has been confirmed as non-hazardous by the EFW, we begin the process of recycling.  Our recycling process involves various stages, including screening, sizing, magnetic separation and other advanced technology. When we have fully recovered all metals, the IBA is ready for blending into IBAA in line with all statutory requirements.

Johnsons utilise specialist technologies, and the design and construction of the plant has been refined by c30 engineers from across 12 different countries. Our process is acknowledged as the most advanced in Europe.


At the end of these processes we are left with recycled IBAA. This is then passed to our Aggregates team, where it is graded and tested to meet EN and Highways Agency Specifications. Some great examples of our completed projects are shown in the Case Studies.

With our recycled materials, we have produced enough aggregate to construct a road from Nottingham to London and back, enough aluminium for approximately 9,000 cars to drive on it, and enough ferrous for 2.4 million oil drums to be made.

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